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Sponsors for US Austrians Connections

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Sponsorship is not only supporting our website and networking in the USA.
We offer our sponsors a variety of marketing possibilities.
You will reach a very powerful group of people: Austrians in the USA!

Here are our sponsorship opportunities:

1. Main Sponsor Package

• A main banner on our website linked directly to your website.
• We feature our sponsors four times a year in our e-news to all our members.
• Your logo under sponsors on all of our mailings to US Austrians.

2. Side Banner Advertising

• Size: 234x234 pixels, linked directly to your website.

3. Additional campaigns only for sponsors

• Your own e-mail campaign to all of our website members.

Please contact us to get started!
Phone: 941.925.4921, Fax: 941.925.8648, email
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