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Geiger of Austria, Inc.

38 Pond Lane, Middlebury, VT, 05753


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GEIGER story

GEIGER story
GEIGER's highest priority is that our customers look and feel good wearing GEIGER. Our designs breathe this core idea through the cunning and innovative use of GEIGER's very own
Walk and Knit specialties as well as our findings and accent
materials. A meticulous care for detail concerning fit and workmanship assures comfort in every aspect. All this allows
you to rest assured that our processes are designed to respect the environment and the human rights of our workforce.
GEIGER Walk is processed without the use of harmful chemicals. This makes GEIGER fashion so gentle on your skin. GEIGER Walk is made from the purest new wool or most luxurious wool-blends. Only for special effects or additional stretch might we add synthetic fibers. GEIGER consciously chooses to not treat its materials with a harmful chemical commonly known as “FREON”. This substance, which is conventionally used to burn off the outer layer of the wool fiber to prevent pilling, has been linked to
serious health issues. Out of the same concern for your well-being GEIGER uses only buttons that are nickel free.
GEIGER's WALK innovation cunningly elevates the natural
qualities of the traditional material used by mountain farmers centuries ago. During the “walk process” (boiling process) thousands of air pockets get built into the fabric which are
the secret to supreme all-weather climate comfort: The temperature inside a Walk garment stays relatively consistent, making it an ideal insulation layer. Walk allows the skin to breathe naturally. The Walk process makes the fabric sturdy and water repellent. Walk can absorb more than sixty percent of it's own weight before feeling damp. All these strengths make Walk
a material no synthetic fiber can compete with.
GEIGER “NaturWalk” says it all! Our knitted fabrics are cunningly felted honoring traditional methods of the alpine region. This highly innovative process - developed by GEIGER's own technicians – uses only warm water, heat and motion and eliminates the need for harmful chemicals. This assures that our land, air and water stays unpolluted. Furthermore this technique saves 90% of the energy and resources used in conventional
methods. Our yarn vendors are obligated to use only biodegradable substances for their processes. GEIGER's effort to be stewards of their environment has earned the company an award from the Tyrolean Government.
We want you to be comfortable wearing GEIGER - in every aspect. In our 100 year history our production has always been done in and around our homeland to create jobs where we earn our money. This also has a positive effect on the environment,
since during their production cycle our goods travel only short distances and no air travel is needed. We take our social responsibility concerning working conditions for our employees very seriously. GEIGER is opposed to practices of sweatshops or
child labor. GEIGER stands for fair wages and abides by strict labor laws in all its production processes.
To wear GEIGER means to look AND feel good. GEIGER offers pure nature in its finest form through the combination of international looks and the natural comfort of Knits and Walk.
GEIGER fashion connects the highest levels of creativity and high technology with stewardship for a healthy environment and a deep respect for human rights. All this leads to “GEIGER = ECO IQ”. The perfect formula for your individuality: timeless and unique.