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darcy and huber selections

310 President Avenue, Providence, RI, 02906


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darcy and huber selections

our mission
To find exclusive, authentic wines from Austria and introduce them to the American market.

The partnership of Paul Darcy and Carlo Huber is founded on the combined memory of growing up in the wine cellars around Vienna and its immediate vicinity. Both come from wine loving families that cherished authenticity. There was a shared choice for wine that was simple rather than over manipulated, elegant rather than brash. Wines that tasted like the soils from
which they came. Above all, the wines paired wonderfully with food.

Having both spent the better part of two decades living in the US, both Darcy and Huber found themselves with a sense of lack.
The American wine market was becoming increasingly fruit driven, one dimensional.
Alcohol levels punched you between the eyes. What do you eat with these wines?

To rectify the balance, Darcy and Huber have combined their efforts to bring the very best of what they believe are a true reflection of authentic Austrian wine.
All of these wines are natural, often biodynamic and always food friendly.

Enjoy the results!