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Overseas Neighbors

P.O. Box 1107, Montclair, NJ, 07042

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The Montclair - Graz sister city bond of friendship was formed in 1949 under the world peace efforts by former U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower. He created the worldwide "People-to-People" program, and we, the cities of Montclair and Graz, were among the first to participate.

Over the years, hundreds of people from the USA have visited Graz and several hundred Austrians have visited us in Montclair. The relationship has resulted in the ongoing exchange of university students, prominent business executives, government officials, academics, scientists, engineers and representatives of many other cultural fields.

Every year, Overseas Neighbors sponsors two students from Montclair State University to study at the University of Graz. Conversely, the University of Graz sends two Austrian students to study at Montclair State University. Countless students have participated in this rewarding educational experience, thereby broadening their understanding of the other country's culture and people.

This people-to-people program began over fifty years ago and has never been more important than right now, in our ever changing world. Good will and international friendship transcend political borders and strengthen those who believe in peace.

Please join us today and help us to continue to foster international goodwill and friendship through education and culture.