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Anita Cassard

Anita Cassard

6768 West Lakeridge Rd., New Market, MD, 21774


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I was born and raised in Vienna/Austria, where I completed my undergraduate coursework at the Economic Research Institute and Institute of Advanced Studies. I received my MPS from The New School University (Milano-The New School for Management and Urban Policy) in New York City, focusing on Hospital and Health Care Administration. I was awarded my doctoral degree from Walden University in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Applied Management and Decision Sciences) where I specialized in Leadership and Organizational Change. I collaborate with scope and sequence authors as well as external subject matter experts, working in multidisciplinary and cross-functional team environments in business, and industries such as agriculture, healthcare, and education. I frequently speak at conferences both nationally and regionally, and maintain an active interest in emerging new programs and teaching methods regarding leadership. Among some of my accomplishments is the development of a health care curriculum for community colleges and a train-the-trainer model educating teachers on how to prevent the occurrence of youth-violence in the public school system. I collaboratively write papers published in peer reviewed, scientific journals such as Insight – A Journal of Scholarly Teaching, Volume 9, (Leading the Charge for SoTL-Embracing Collaboration (Cassard, Sloboda 2014), JSBHS- Journal of Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences (Women and their Relationship to Leader, Follower Commitment, and Job Performance: Netherlands, Belgium, and North Carolina (Cassard, Hamel 2008). VDM-Publishing in Saarbruecken, Germany, in May of 2008, published my book, The Sherpa Leadership Model: A Model of Disempowerment, in Europe, Asia, and the United States. I am a contributing writer on, and a member of Sigma Iota Epsilon-Zeta Rho Chapter and Delta Mu Delta. Prior to my move to NY, I served as the Lead Faculty Area Chair in Strategic Analysis and Planning for the University of Phoenix Maryland Campuses and am the recipient of the University of Phoenix 2012 Distinguished Faculty of the Year award. I am currently a Dissertation Chair in the School of Advanced Studies (SAS) at Phoenix University, and am also actively involved in philanthropically oriented projects around the world.