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Blobs Park

Blobs Park

8024 Max Blobs Park Road, Jessup, MD, 20794

410 799 7130

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Blobs Park - Description

Let me tell you about Blobs Park. It's about 6 miles south of BWI between Baltimore and DC. Once you get off the main road at Route 175 and turn onto Max Blobs Park Road, you feel you are on a lane that leads to a farm. and that's just what it was back in the 1940s and 50s!
The road winds around, crosses a creek, and then you see the farm house that Max's great uncle, Max Blob, built. Next to the house is the outdoor pavilion that can be rented for picnics, parties, crab feasts, cook-outs, etc. The beer hall is the imposing building you see next. It sits high with a calming and bucolic view of green fields, rolling hills, and trees. This 15,000 sq ft facility was built in the traditional German style of a Bavarian Beer Garden. According to the Smithsonian, it is the home of the first octoberfest held in the united states.
Enter the foyer to be greeted by the colors of the german flag. Open the large doors and take in the sights and sounds…. and the smells! People are talking, children are enjoying each other, dancers are twirling on the 2,000 square foot parquet dance floor, while shoppers are browsing in Aunt Anna's gift shop checking out the latest clothes, imported steins, and hummels. Everywhere you turn, mouths are chomping down on a bratwurst or munching on a sweet-potato fry. And the beer!? there's over 90 brands – imports, micro-brews, domestics, weisse beers – everything from Anchor Steam to Zywiec . I'm getting thirsty just thinking about it! There is a great wine selection and all the top-shelf liquors.
The variety of live music ranges from the always-sold-out Jimmy Sturr extravaganza to the ever-rocking fabulous HubCaps to the nostalgic ballroom melodies of a 22-piece big-band sound of Shades of Blue to our ever-popular and fun loving Rheinlanders. Promoting special German cultural events such as Fasching and Sonnenfeuer are part of what blobs park is all about.
If you like great food served by personable, friendly (and cute!) waitresses, excellent beer served by knowledgeable bartenders (ok…some of the bartenders are cute too!) at a bar with 70 barstools, in a place with a dance floor large enough for you to ‘strut your stuff', in a relaxed family atmosphere where memories of wonderful times are created, then Blobs Park is what you're looking get yourself over here and check us out!!!!!