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Gerhard Vierthaler

Gerhard Vierthaler

10625 Washington Circle, Anchorage, AK, 99515


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Overview / Methodology

At the Value Strategy Group, we are Business Performance Improvement Specialists, focusing on the "business-pains" of companies, focusing on increasing revenue, decreasing expenses and helping manage business risks or consequences.

As industry thought leaders, our programs are unusual in that we integrate financial management, sales tactics, strategy advisement and marketing methodology into one outbound revenue capture program, focused exclusively on growing top-line revenue growth. We advise senior management teams on how to successfully grow business using our copyrighted approach.

We are a management consulting firm that specializes in value forward marketing strategy, financial management, sales consulting and sales training for growth directed companies.

Our hybrid advisement model strives to help drive a company's success. We are CEO Coaches, Executive Consultants, Financial Analysts and a Training Firm all at the same time. We advise CEOs on action steps to take to grow revenues, consultant with management staff on best practices, analyze key financial figures of your business and train sales and marketing teams on tactics and strategies that work. Our objective is to help you exceed your financial goals while simplifying your workload.

Today most product and service firms pull their value behind them and force their company into a commodity position with their competitors. When executives say, "We have great service," "we are customer-centric," or "our offerings are the best," they just sound like their competition. When you market and sell like your competitors, you become identical to your competitors... and you have to price your product or service equal to or less than your competitors.

To help firms succeed, we use a 360 degree business value assessment and implementation approach to understand how our clients can create business value that can be marketed and sold to help achieve the goal of corporate revenue enlargement. Through our Value Forward™ Sales and Marketing strategies, we develop coordinated business value strategies, engagement marketing lead generation programs, and specific sales processes and techniques to help companies grow business from existing clients and new prospects.

Our business approach is based on an analytical process using corporate sales and marketing best practices, financial health assessments, benchmark models, third party research, and constant business process monitoring of sales and marketing management teams using our newsletter. Using this approach, we provide our clients with custom designed strategy, marketing and sales best practice programs that are tactically implemented and designed to increase revenue.

We are part of the Value Forward Network Coaching consortium with 28 coaching partners in 5 countries.