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Jo Danieli

Jo Danieli

c/o 222 Haulani Street, Pukalani, HI, 96768

(808) 572-5823

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Looking over from the other side of the world

... I had been researching for a thousands (sic!) of pages long philosophical book that I once wrote (but never published), and I ended up reading about the "kahuna" of Hawaii. Immediately I began to research - and got upset right away, being the journalist that I was - about the naive and false things that were reported about Hawaii's spiritual traditions.
I began to travel to Hawaii to find a cure for my little brother, who was sick of cancer. My brother died, but I was "hooked" to a place whose real history nobody seemed to know.
I researched more, beyond the usual stories and ideas about Hawaii, and soon I was the only one in any circle of people that I ended up in, who actually "knew".
I tried to leave many times, but Hawaii always forced me to stay ... and yes, there is a lot of "magic", if you are open to i.
My path lead me into archives and to interviews with many people who wanted to tell the world what Hawaii really is and was all about.
That's how it came that I made a 390 minutes long documentary about how Hawaii turned from an ancient "pagan" or "heathen" nation into one of the most literate Christian nations in the world of the 1800s. That's the short version - I had to cut out hours, and the material that I collected, the interviews I taped can't possibly be evaluated properly. It's all just very precious - and sad.
Sad, because of the bias that people live with, here in Hawaii. I had to learn that the facts don't matter to many people - they rather hold on to their old beliefs and make everybody's life miserable.
Hawaii is not "aloha" and "hula". It is a very bitter place. Everybody who truly lives it, knows that.
My documentary is a monument of the true Hawaii, it's a cultural and historical gem, and I am glad I made it - although I had to literally sacrifice years of my life for making it. I was alone with it. Literally. My partner on the project quit on me several times, but I kept on it. All made out of pocket - and right now, the project seeks to raise funds to pay for clearances so that the film can be screened publicly.

Here it is:
"Native Of Owhyhee" - WGA.reg. 1170301 Jo Danieli 2008
The epic historical documentary "Native Of Owhyhee" tells the story how Hawaii turned from an ancient "pagan" society into one of the most literate Christian nations in the world of the 1800s. It is the story of tribal cults and sacrifices, of legendary magical ways of living predating the era of the settlement of Polynesia, of indigenous traditions in the islands through the eras, and it features the intersection of cultures in Hawaii as well as the fate of several young Hawaiian sailors and a Prince who played historical key-roles in the era of greatest changes shortly after Western contact, together with the pioneer American Christian missionaries. The film features 56 speakers from Hawaii and New England and ten native Hawaiian narrators, over 1000 historical images, historical film-clips and great original Hawaiian and New England music.

Online trailer of “Native Of Owhyhee”:

A gazillion of screenplays for the right people ...

When I was eight years old, I had my own hour at primary school in Carinthia, Austria, to read my stories to the teacher and the class. And everybody stayed and listened. That's how much of a story-teller I am and always was.

To make a very long story short:
I traveled the world, I went through terrible and wonderful life-experiences, I wrote books, became a journalist and photographer - and finally a videographer.
While waiting for my epic documentary about Hawaii to go through post-production, I wrote many screenplays for motion pictures - of a huge variety of genres. Here is the list - and I am only waiting for an agent to sign me up, because I want to be the writer/director of whom Jane Campion was talking when she said that she wants to see female filmmakers receiving academy awards.
I am a very avid movie-watcher, a professional in video-production, and I have worked in every position from grip to director.

REEL 2009


“Golden Trails” – Drama / Adventure (Celebrity Scene)

“Under The Bridge” – Romance / Adventure / Drama (Multi-cultural, social issues)

“Below Our Sleep” – Spiritual Drama / Historical Mystery (Missionary era)

"Night Is A Time Of Day" - (Inspired by true events) Drama / Mystical Adventure (Double Plot)

"The Silkworm" - (Based on true events) Drama / Adventure (Spirituality, Artworld)

"The Jedi-Mystery" / "And The Evil Above" / "Dawn Of The Past" – TRILOGY / Spiritual Sci-Fi / Adventure / Futuristic Thriller / Romance (Indigenous wisdom, global New-Age)

"Rainlight" – Drama / Romance (Mentally handicapped, music scene)

"The Case Lilly" – Adventure / Comedy / Romance (Celebrity scene) FEMALE LEAD ATTACHED!

"Subsistence Or The Ponafuy Ekstrawagantsa" – Adventure / Disaster-Drama / Action (Tidal wave, Warehouse)

"Woodle" – Animated Comedy / Adventure (Poodle among wolves)

"Curly Fish In The Spout" – Adventure / Comedy / Romance (Africa, Headhunters)
"Curly Fish Chasing Wind" – Adventure / Comedy / Romance (Sequel) (Africa, Indigenous culture)

"V.I.P." – Adventure / Cyber-Thriller / Drama (Internet, global heist)

“Soroyan Hunter” – Adventure / Mystical Drama (Vampire)

"Hunk & Slob" – Comedy / Adventure / Parody (Bizarre police-pair)

“Tamales”- Dramedy / Action / Adventure (Assassin, culinary world)

"Hui" – Adventure / Drama (Hawaiian culture)

“L.O.L” – Stageplay / Dramedy (Comedians, contemporary issues)

In Writing:

“Weedflower” – Futuristic Comedy / Adventure / Romance (Politics, India)

“At Pearls Catch Fire” – Sci-Fi Drama / Mystical Thriller (Aliens)

"The Beduin's Child" – Drama / Adventure / Crime (Family-Drama)

"Elite" – Futuristic Adventure / Parody / Drama (Politics, new world-order)

“The Scent Of Black Roses” – Sci-Fi Drama / Horror (Genetic experiments)

“Rewound” – Drama / Adventure / Thriller (Past lives)

“Me, Finally” – Romantic Drama / Adventure / Crime (Love-story, literary scene)

“The Dream-Writer” – Drama / Psycho-Thriller / Crime / Mystical Adventure (Mental experiment)

Original novels / future motion picture scripts:

“Illy Noise” – Drama / Romance (Generations, love-story)

“Uhuru” – (Based on true events) Adventure / Drama (Africa, Pioneer-adventure)

“Wolves Are Us” – Drama / Psycho-Thriller (Mental hospital)


“Native Of Owhyhee” – Culture / History (Hawaii, epic, 390 min.)

“Rosen” – Portrait of Peter H. Rosen, visionary, producer, photographer

“Filomena” – Portrait of “Living Saint” Filomena Dingle

“The Eternal Patriot” – The transformation of Bud “The Birdman” into Benjamin Franklin delivering his message “Democracy Will Not Be Surrendered”

"Blockbuster Extravaganza DeLuxe" – the ultimate parody on screenwriting

The painter in me

"Psychedelic Patchwork" is the title of the artwork that I used to exhibit in small circles in Austria, before I began to travel all over the world.
I was told that it's a unique style of naive-abstract painting, and I love to do it. One day ... I'll continue. Samples upon request.

Currently (May 2009), I'd love to sell my paintings in bulk to be able to finance a comedy-stageplay in Hawaii to feature Hawaiian comedians and actors.