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Oberammergau Tours

Oberammergau Tours

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All about the Passion Play

It was during the Thirty Years War that the deadly and contagious disease known as the Black Plague broke out in Europe. Before it ran its course, one out of three people were dead and untold misery remained. There was no chance to escape, but one town in the south of Germany escaped: Oberammergau. The townspeople of Oberammergau made a vow that if they were spared, they would give a play about the “Passion of Christ” every ten years. The fact that they were saved remains one of the most amazing mysteries in history. The first Passion Play took place in a meadow in 1634 with the parts played by local villagers. The tradition remains to this day, with all of the roles played by locals who must be of high ethical and moral standards who start growing hair and beards and sewing costumes years before the performance. Being part of this spectacular performance is a great honor to all.

The village Oberammergau itself is a most rewarding place to visit any year. It has everything to offer in the way of recreation and relaxation: breath-taking alpine scenery, clear, healthy climate, excellent food, comfortable accommodations, lovely paths for strolling, a marvelous alpine swimming pool, outdoor cafes, wine cellars, cultural events such as concerts and opera performances. Cable cars take you to the top of the mountains in summer and also in the winter when you can ski and participate in all types of winter activities.
Our preparations for the travel season in the summer of 2010 are in their final stages; we therefore urge all hopeful participants to contact us or your travel agents to proceed with your travel reservations while a large choice of tours is still available.