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Schenker & CO AG/Schenker Inc.

150 Albany Avenue, Freeport, NY, 11520


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Our Origins & History

For more than 130 years, Schenker has provided innovative logistics solutions around the world. We pioneered milestones such as the consolidation shipment and door-to-door service. Schenker has maintained a presence in the United States since 1947. Today, we have 50 strategically located offices in most major cities, all of which are ISO 9001:2000 certified.

Schenker is one of the leading international providers of integrated logistics services. We provide support to trade and industry in the global exchange of goods - in land transport, in worldwide air and sea freight, and in all the associated logistics services. Nearly 42,000 employees at 1,100 locations throughout the world achieve a turnover of roughly 8.9 billion Euros per year.

Customers are our partners in business. Companies depend on Schenker to provide seamless management of their logistics pipeline through quality global services, supported by state-of-the-art technology.

The Schenker Group

As a company specializing in land transport on road and rail within Europe, our closely woven network of regularly scheduled routes connects the principal economic regions in over thirty European countries. We are equally as qualified in providing solutions for air and sea freight and all the associated logistics services on a global scale. Our integrated logistics centers located at the hubs of the global flow of goods, create an effective link between all carriers allowing us to offer a broad range of added-value services.

Our experts provide complete solutions tailor-made for the requirements of industry today and tomorrow. International teams of specialists integrate the Group's individual service modules to create complex added-value chains that ensure a reliable flow of materials and information - in both the old and the new economies.

Schenker provides its customers with all the main services from a single source - a business principle that has proved its worth ever since the company was founded by Gottfried Schenker in Vienna almost 130 years ago. Schenker is a part of DB Logistics, the Transportation and Logistics Division of Deutsche Bahn AG. A member of the DB Logistics of companies, Schenker's worldwide headquarters are located in Essen, Germany. The company comprises three operating divisions which jointly provide seamless solutions.

Schenker in the United States

Schenker has operated in the United States since 1947. We utilize the collective resources, expertise and buying power of our worldwide network to the benefit of our customers. Our staff of more than 2,600 specialists provide expertise in all phases of international transportation and logistics.

Our corporate offices are located in Freeport, NY. All locations in the United States provide a full scope of services which range from traditional air and ocean freight to specialized projects and logistics services.

Each office in the United States is ISO 9001:2000 certified. Our quality assurance policy and manual state, "Schenker, Inc. will understand who its customers are, what those customers require and meet those requirements on time, with accuracy".

As echoed throughout our mission statement, Schenker strongly believes in integrating the needs of our partners into our needs. By understanding our partners' requirements, developing trust based upon demonstrated performance, and providing the highest level of integrated logistics services available, we assist our partners in achieving their goals.

Streamline your logistics requirements today!

Mission Statement

Schenker, Inc. USA manages information and cargo (focusing at present on transportation and value added services) to help our customers make decisions regarding their supply chain that will produce extraordinary results for both.

Company Culture

Change from an activity based organization to a result-based team:

* Make and keep promises.
* Customer and market oriented.
* Fast moving and proactive to change.
* Committed, highly motivated to achieve company goals.

Our Values

Quality: Excellence through Teamwork
Knowledge: Continued Learning and Development Opportunities
Innovation: Service Customers in an Innovative, Proactive manner
Responsibility: To Recognize the Needs of our Employees and Community.

To Recognize the Interests of our Shareholders and Maximize their Return on Investment

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

In 1993, Schenker, Inc. became the first full-service logistics company in the U.S. to achieve ISO certification. Additionally, the scope of our certification is the most comprehensive in the industry today, ensuring consistent quality standards, in "International Air and Sea Freight Forwarding and Consolidation services, Customs Clearance, International Projects and Logistics Services."

One of the many benefits of the ISO Quality Management System is that it is based upon the process of continuous improvement, sub-contractor evaluation and consistent, empirically proven procedures. As such, the program is based upon a form of "structured flexibility" which constantly evaluates both practices and suppliers. Ultimately the driving force behind our quality program is to provide exceptional service to you.

Why Choose Schenker?

* Dedicated to total customer satisfaction
* Global coverage, local expertise, one company
* Single source, full service provider
* Sophisticated information systems, global connectivity
* Committed to quality

Schenker… the best choice when selecting a global service provider.