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Cargo Partner Network, Inc.

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cargo-partner – your perfect provider of transportation and logistics services

Being an independent transport logistics provider, cargo-partner has pursued a very clear strategy since the incorporation of the company in 1983. One the one side, our goal was to establish a strong and reliable network for our clients. On the other side, we strived for worldwide cooperation with other independent partners who are market leaders in their respective countries.

While we continue operating in the sea and air freight business as strongly as ever, we are also offering perfect road and logistics solutions. As of today, cargo-partner provides a continuous logistics supply chain that leaves no area in Europe or Overseas uncovered.

Thanks to our sound financial base we are able to approach even the largest and most complex of projects with confidence and ease.

cargo-partner's Environmental Policy

cargo-partner's Environmental Policy
cargo-partner's management has defined environmental responsibility as just as important a corporate goal as cargo-partner group's economic management. While the company's financial goals certainly remain unchanged, the challenge consists in successfully incorporating environmental goals into the company's overall strategy. Measures and activities to avoid climate change are a priority.

Therefore, we focus on energy efficiency, waste prevention, and waste separation as well as on the environmentally conscious use of operating resources at all our subsidiaries.

We make climate and environmentally friendly transportation technologies a subject of discussion and support them wherever their use is practicable and makes sense and turn them into a competitive factor.

We use our clients' environment-related demands as guidance and commit to complying with the existing legal framework.

We rely on our own environmental policy to establish environmental objectives on a regular basis and determine appropriate measures to be taken.

The environment and climate change are global issues that require mostly global answers. The Association "Environmental cargo-partners" founded by cargo-partner provides the platform needed to achieve this goal.

Key Data

Key Data / cargo-partner Holding Europe incl. Overseas Holdings

Profile: International full-service forwarding company, operating worldwide with headquarters in Vienna / Austria
Established: 1983-European Holding, 2001-Overseas Holdings
CEO: Mag. Stefan Krauter
Staff: 2,001 (January '09) - Western Europe 12 %, Austria 18 %, Eastern Europe 45 %, Asia 24 %, New York 1%
Network: 96 cargo-partner owned locations in 17 European countries and India, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore and New York

Statistics 2007/2008e

Air Cargo: 119,000/127,000 tons
Sea Cargo: 910,000/992,000 tons
Truck/Logistics: 500,000/591,000 tons
Total number of shipments: 447,000/503,000 shipments
Pallet slots in total: 120,000 (October '08)

Financial Data 2007/2008e - European Holding consolidated + Overseas Holdings

Turnover 2007: EUR 352.9 mil
Turnover 2008e: EUR 450.0 mil
Equity to net worth ratio 2007: 31 %
Equity to net worth ratio 2008e: 33 %
Rating: Good Reliability - Rating 2 (Austrian Bankers - Scale 1-10)

Why cargo-partner

Why cargo-partner
Thanks to our many years' experience, we are up to our clients' challenges and we have what it takes to be a reliable transportation logistics provider. We develop solutions for our clients' logistics problems and implement them efficiently. We are on our way to becoming the strongest and most innovative provider of logistics services, not the largest.

Our clients' advantage decides
We exclusively recommend what is right for you instead of simply recommending something that meets our corporate objectives.

Interaction between all logistics chain elements
No matter what you need to make your SCM more efficient, we have the solution for you.

"First movers" on the Eastern European market and European overseas expert
This expertise translates into a quality network offering almost unlimited options.

Best-of-logistics tools
Consistent IT systems in all countries, for maximum efficiency and transparency.

Dedication and commitment to perfection
We, understand your needs and we are happy to take care of all your logistics processes.

Flat hierarchies
Fast decision-making helps you save time and money.

Internationality and high language expertise
We are wherever you need us – in Europe, Asia, the US, – anywhere in the world.

Environmental responsibility
We focus on measures and activities to prevent climate change.

Solid finances and a high equity ratio
Our equity ratio is clearly above the industry-wide average.