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Alt Washingtonia Schuhplattler Verein - Original Bavarian Dance Group of Washington, DC

1601 18th Street, NW, #307, Washington, DC, 20009


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Alt Washingtonia Schuhplattler Verein
Original Bavarian Dance Club of Washington, DC

Serving as a link with the old homeland by preserving and sharing Alpine customs and traditions in the new world.

“Alt- Washingtonia“performs at all levels of interest and is flexible in presenting a colorful program, including historic dances based on typical Alpine occupations, such as the woodchoppers' dance.

Time-tested music, rich in sentiment, is rendered by talented musicians. Alphorns provide the unusual tones and tunes so characteristic of the mountainous area of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Yodelers present the melodies that recall old homeland experiences with unforgettable harmonies and richness.

Along with the familiar accordion, less well-known folk instruments are played, from cowbell ringing to block flutes and the musical saw.


“Alt- Washingtonia” leaders are internationally known experts in sharing the fun of guest involvement without embarrassing high jinks. Basic, lifetime-lasting dance steps are quickly taught. “Change-partner” dances with group members make it easier – everyone “learns by doing” and all have a good time.


The “Alt-Washingtonia” Schuhplatter Verein has been preserving authentic Bavarian schuhplattler dances, songs, customs, and costumes, for over seven decades. This group is ready to share its colorful folklore traditions to provide educational and cultural entertainment.


Since the nineteen forties “Alt-Washingtonia” has been the resident dance group at Max Blob's Bavarian Biergarten in Jessup, Maryland, home of America's first Oktoberfest. They provide the “Gemutlichkeit” (warm spirit) for celebrations of Fasching, Maifest, Bockbierfest, Sonnwendfeier, and Weihnachten as well as Oktoberfest.


The group recreates the atmosphere of an old world Oktoberfest, but it's presentations are appropriate for any occasion when a rousing good time is called for. Yodeling, alphorn and dancing make up an outstanding show and audience participation is a special feature.

Old homeland schuhplattler (shoe-slapping) routines have been collected and made to live again. “Alt-Washingtonia” is a living museum of fun and folklore from the Alpine countries.


Our founding members, Dave Rosenberg and Rudy Poelsterl helped to establish a national organization of Bavarian/Austrian dance groups in North America, the "Gauverband Nordamerika." It held its first meeting on January 15, 1966 in Milwaukee, WI with 20 clubs in attendance. Rudy was elected 1. Vorstand and Dave was elected Archivar. See for more information.

Gauverband Nordamerika

Rudy and Dave dreamed of joining together with other Schuhplattler groups in the United States and Canada. Their efforts helped to bring about the meeting in Milwaukee in 1966 at which the Gauverband Nordamerika came into existence. Rudy was elected the 1. Vorstand of the Gauverband.
In Rudy's inaugural statement to member Vereine, he expressed his philosophy:
“…A primary objective is to help build stronger ties of friendship and cooperation among the members of the different local Vereins in North America.... We are free to celebrate the traditional customs of our original homeland, Bavaria, and at the same time we are proud to be citizens of North America”.

At that same meeting, Dave Rosenberg was elected as first Gauverband historian (his Alt-Washingtonia became a charter member); and he subsequently designed the Gauverband Nordamerika's familiar logo.