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All Things Austria

All Things Austria

Sarasota, FL, 34231



Intro to All Things Austria

This is a project designed to be a journey, reconnecting me, Andre Kasberger, back to Austria and the rich heritage of my birth. It's purpose is to introduce non-Austrians, especially English speaking, to this rich Central European country.

If you are a resident of Austria, or have traveled there recently, l'd love to hear your travel experiences.

Come along and let me take you on that journey.

What does Austria mean to you? Is it its world renowned skiing, it's symphonies and composers, the spectacular scenery, the images and sounds or is it Arnold "The Terminator" saying "I'll be back!", or the wonderful pastries and cafes, or....

For such a small (a little larger than South Carolina) Central European country, it certainly is rich in so many aspects; it's natural beauty, culture and heritage. There's are the Habsburgs and the Austro-Hungarian Empire, its role during the Cold War, it's current role in world affairs, it's wine making history, and so forth.

For now, let's take a walk along the Vienna Wine Trail and discover the beauty of the vineyard setting, sip some of the local wine and enjoy beautiful scenery and picture spots, along the way.

There are approximately 700 hectares (approx 1,730 acres) of vineyards and 320 vintners in the surrounding area, which includes the towns of Kahlenberg, Nussberg, Bisamberg and Mauer. The trail is approximately 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) long, winds through the vineyards and is dotted with scenic outlooks of the city and the Danube. Of course there are shorter walks and numerous opportunities to just enjoy the breathtaking views. Stop at a Heurigen (wine tavern) and sip on one of the outstanding Heuriger wines (the Viennese term for the wine of the last harvest).

The Heuriger is an important Viennese institution. In various restaurants, you'll find Vintners serving their own wines along with cold dishes from a buffet. Put on your walking shoes and let's go