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Summer in Austria

sunflower field
Alright, so picture this. The warmth of the sunshine kisses your cheeks as the cool mountain air leaves you feeling refreshed. All around you nothing but blooming wildflowers and towering mountains. You spend your days cooling off in glacier lakes and racing the cows down spiraling forest roads with your mountain bike. That my friend is an Austrian summer. The amazing thing is, Austria is one of those places that people forget exist in the summer. When people think Austria they think skiing and glaciers. All of that is true but during the summer months, Austria turns into a fairy tale oasis. One of my personal favorite summer attractions is the sunflower field. No no it is not a specific field, there are fields filled with these yellow beauties all over the country during the summer.

But the blooming fields around you aren't just for looking, some even carry tasty treats. During the summer months berry picking is a very popular past time in Austria. Not only do you get to enjoy the fresh air but you get to snack while you do it. Personally, I'm a strawberry kind of gal ;)

Strawberry Fields Austria

So since I started talking about food I guess I should mention some do's and don't s for
Austrian summer cuisine. Don't waste your time searching around for fancy restaurants, there will always be big cities with amazing food. To truly get in the spirit of an Austrian summer you need to move your booty and go to a farm. Yup that's right, farm fresh and nothing but the best.
In Austria we call these cozy establishments Mostbauern. They will have daily specials as well as the basics such as a cold cut platter. Dig in and enjoy!


So we covered scenery and food, now on to where to stay. A hidden summer gem is the Berghotel Winterbauer, a spa hotel in Flachau. This ski territory is sure to be busy during the winter months but during the summer, it can be your little escape. This hotel comes with amazing features such as a fully equipped spa, amazing restaurant, and an infinity pool with the most breathtaking view of the mountains and valley.

Berghotel Winterbauer Pool

Lavender Drinks

Last but definitely not least, you must slide down a mountain. Yes, you read that right, I said slide down a mountain. We all know that during the winter months, a very popular past time is tobogganing, aka sledding down a mountain. Well, the Austrians have kicked things up a notch. Built right into the side of a mountain is a track. A ski lift takes you to the top where you will proceed to grab yourself a sled. Put that sled on the tracks the experience the mountains like your never experienced them before. This unique summer past time goes by the name Sommer-Rodelbahn. Yea try saying that three times fast.


I guess all around summers in Austria really come down to being active outside and enjoying Alps in a different light. If you ever find yourself with a travel block and you just want to get back to your adventurous roots, there is no better place than Austria. Check out my favorite spots and don't forget, watch for cows on the roads!

Country Road