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6 Winter Bucket List Things To Do in Saalfelden

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It's me again. You know, Kim, the girl who was super determined to write at least two blogs a week and then kind of fell off the face of the planet for a little! My bad. I could lie to you all and say that I have just been too busy to write but honestly, the cold air here in Austria has made me super lazy. Even lazier than my usual couch-potato self!! But I am back and I have a TON of fun things to share with you all in the next few weeks!

As most of you know, a few weeks ago I spent some time in the mountains visiting some family in Saalfelden, Austria and experienced my first real snow storm!! I know for those of you who live in a Northern area a snow storm may sound like nothing special but I am telling you I was totally amazed by it!! I just wanted to sit by the window and stare at those crazy snowflakes for hours.

Well once the snow settled we actually got to do a bunch of fun wintery things with all of that fresh snow so I decided to round up some of the activities that I think you should definitely not skip if you ever find yourself in the Saalfelden area during winter!

1. Winter Rodelbahn:

Most of you probably know this as tobogganing but in Austria it's Rodeling. Once the snow starts to fall, there are super fun courses set up all over Austria where you can fly down the mountain on your little sleds. But my absolute favorite is on Biberg! Take the shuttle to the top where you can grab a quick bite to eat or drink and then grab one of their sleds and go! I am telling you, the view is insane!!!
think gypsy on winter rodelbahn
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2. Ritzensee:

This is less of an activity and more of a spot but I swear it is worth visiting. The snow-covered fields and frozen lake are just as beautiful as the panoramic view of the mountains. Take a walk around the entire lake and have some fun with the fresh powder the builds up on the hills!
think gypsy and nina at ritzensee
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think gypsy blowing snow at ritzensee

3. Build a Snowman:

Kind of an obvious tip, I know, but I felt like I had to mention it! How many of you actually take the time to build a snowman nowadays? I am 22 years old and this year I build my second snowman… crazy right? There are tons of spots around Ritzensee that are perfect for building your very own Olaf.
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4. Snowboard or Ski:

Personally, I am not much of a skier or snowboarded but Austria has some of the best and craziest skiing spots in the world and a large portion of those slopes are located all around Saalfelden. Take a day trip over to Hinterglemm or try the slopes in Leogang. I guarantee you'll love them!
think gypsy snowboarding in leogang
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5. Après Ski:

Now, this is where you'll find me while everyone is out skiing! Almost all slopes will have an Almhütte at the top where you can grab yourself a drink while you enjoy the view. There is always something going on, especially during the ski season with all the skiers stopping in for a quick beer before they head into the snow.
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6. Sleigh Rides:

Who doesn't want to feel like they are living inside of a cheesy Hallmark Christmas movie? Sitting in a horse-drawn sleigh as the snowflakes land on your nose and the winter wonderland around you shimmers and shines. That will do the trick. Plus, you get to play with fluffy horsies!
think gypsy with snow and horse
Now there are tons and tons of winter activities in the Saalfelden area, too many to count! But if you are anything like me, and the cold air makes you happy to fall into bed right after sundown, then this short list is a good place to start! I hope you enjoy!
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