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The Sound of Salzburg!

Believe it or not, Mozart was an original Salzburger. When Mozart was born, the town of Salzburg was an ecclesiastical principality of the Prince-Archbishopric of Salzburg and a state of the Holy Roman Empire.

Salzburg is a city with deep-rooted traditions with vibrations of vitality. The UNESCO World Heritage City of Salzburg is a small, world-class town with an excellent reputation for top-class music and cultural events.

The legacy of the Prince-Archbishopric can be found in the lifestyle culture and in the churches of the old town, while contemporary trends and art break up the supposedly classical-conservative facade. Where the prince-archbishops demonstrated their power and once lived in pomp, you can now find down-to-earth markets and century-old traditional shops.

Often times, you won't know where to look: at the hand-forged iron guild signs in the Getreidegasse or the displays of international labels and charming passageways in the old town. It quickly becomes clear why UNESCO awarded the ensemble of church towers, a fortress, and city mountains the title of "World Heritage Site" back in 1997.

The Sound of Salzburg!

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